Belgium named squad for Hockey World cup 2023

A very experienced squad has been selected by Belgium for the upcoming Hockey World Cup. Belgium won the previous edition with a 3-2 penalty win over Netherlands after a goalless draw. In his second season with the Red Lions, Michel van den Heuvel has relied on his experienced core to win more silverware. 11 of the 18-strong squad are over 31 years old. The Red Lions have won the Euro and tasted Olympic success as well.

The midfielder John-John Dohmen has 436 caps, while Charlier, Denayer, and Gougnard all have over 300 caps. Germany, South Korea, and Japan make up Pool B, with Belgium starting the tournament against South Korea at Kalinga Stadium on the 14th. Against Germany, van den Heuvel’s team will face a tough challenge. Belgium will play Japan in Rourkela’s Birsa Munda Stadium in the final group stage match.

Defenders: Arthur Van Doren, Gauthier Boccard, Alexander Hendrickx, Arthur De Sloover, Loick Luypaert

Midfielders: John-John Dohmen, Felix Denayer (captain), Simon Gougnard, Antoine Kina, Victor Wegnez

Forwards: Florent Van Aubel, Sebastien Dockier, Cedric Charlier, Nicholas De Kerpel, Tom Boon, Tanguy Cosyns

Reserves: Maxime Van Oost, Thibeau Stockbroekx

The Red Lions are a very tough team to beat with their settled core of experienced players. With the right approach to knockout games, Belgium won’t want to let go of the trophy. Veterans John-John Dohmen and captain Denayer run the midfield show for the Red Lions. The World Cup has been won twice by Pakistan (1978 and 1982), Germany (2002 and 2006) and Australia (2010 and 2014).

In conclusion, Belgium has a great chance of going far in the Hockey World Cup 2023 as they have named an impressive squad. Featuring worldclass players such as Tom Boon and Arthur van Doren, the team looks to be one of the top contenders for winning gold this summer. With their passion and drive for excellence, we wish them all the best in their upcoming tournament!

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