List of Men’s Hockey World Cup Winners, Runners-up Till date

Have you ever wanted to know who won the Men’s Hockey World Cup? Look no further! This article provides a comprehensive list of every Men’s Hockey World Cup winner and runner up till date. We’ll look at who each champion was, which country it represented and how many times they’ve won the title. We will also discuss some of the greatest players and moments from the tournament’s history that have shaped the game over the years. So, let’s take a look at who has managed to lift hockey’s most prestigious trophy.

List of Men’s Hockey World Cup Winners

The Men’s Hockey World Cup is an international field hockey tournament organised by the International Hockey Federation (FIH). The tournament was first held in 1971 and is currently played every four years. Pakistan is the most successful team, having won the World Cup four times.

Netherlands and Australia are the winners of the three world cup of each while Germany succeed to win two time to became the champions of the Hockey world cup. Apart of that Belgium and India also lift the trophy once till the history.

Hockey World cup winners & Runners up (Year by Year)

YearWinnerRunner-upFinal ScoreHost
1973NetherlandsIndia2-2 (4-2 in Penalty Strokes)Netherlands
1994PakistanNetherlands1-1 (4-3 in Penalty Strokes)Australia
2018BelgiumNetherlands0-0 (3-2 in penalty shoots)India

How the Men’s Hockey World Cup Works

Since the first Men’s Hockey World Cup was held in 1971, there have been a total of 14 editions of the tournament. The International Hockey Federation (FIH) is the governing body for the event. The tournament is held every four years and features 16 teams from around the world.

The teams are divided into four groups of four, with the top two from each group advancing to the quarter-finals. From there, it becomes a knockout competition until there are just two teams left, who compete for the gold medal. The losing semi-finalists play off for the bronze medal.

What teams have won the most Men’s Hockey World Cups?

With Four Trophies, Pakistan are Leading the table of Hockey world cup Most winners. Pakistan who made a history by Winning the Hockey world cup in 1971, 1978, 1982, 1994 year.


In conclusion, the Men’s Hockey World Cup has seen some amazing competition between countries from all over the world. With each edition of the tournament bringing new winners and runners-up, it is clear that no one nation holds dominance in this sport. The 2023 event will be particularly exciting as we have already witnessed many twists and turns before the finals even begin. So sit back and enjoy the show!

2023 Men’s FIH Hockey World Cup will be schedule to play from 13 January to 29 January in India on the cities of Bhubaneshwar, Rourkela.

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