Ziggo to Shown RWC 2023 live in Netherlands

Dutch viewers will be able to watch the Rugby World Cup in their own time zone since France is the host nation.

Included in the package are the postponed Rugby World Cup 2021 for women, the Rugby World Cup Sevens, the World Rugby WXV 2023 (new women’s international tournament), and the HSBC World Rugby Seven Series.

The Six Nations, the northern hemisphere’s most prestigious rugby championship, began this weekend at Ziggo.

The passionate atmosphere of completely sated stadiums, the intensity of the players on the field, and the camaraderie among athletes make rugby one of the most beloved spectator sports. Marcel Beerthuizen – Director of Ziggo Sport – remarks that they strive to keep their audience engaged and bolster their lineup of rights through programming. As a result, he is delighted to present viewers with a large-scale and exciting competition such as the Rugby World Cup.

During the Rugby World Cup, twenty of the world’s best national teams compete for the official world title.

The current defending champion is South Africa.

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